Finally Doing Something About It

No, not the sorry state of my blog, ( which I haven’t updated since February) but my lack of a college degree!

When I first went off to college back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was, shall we say, not the most studious guy under the sun. A full year away at school got me virtually nowhere. As time went on I became more of a student and took classes here and there to slowly work towards my degree.

Then there were kids.

Wouldn’t change a thing, but having four kids at home, with the responsibilities and time commitments that come with them made it functionally impossible to continue my education while holding down gainful employment. I sure as heck wasn’t going to quit my job so the schooling had to be put on hold.

Now that my older kids are reaching an age where my wife and I don’t need to worry about being home every minute the kids are home we’ve got some increased schedule flexibility. I am taking advantage of that flexibility and just after Labor Day I will start down the road to addressing what has been my biggest regret in life. I will be a Communications Studies major in the evening program at Bridgewater State University. And I am really excited.

It will take me some time, but a degree I will earn. If all goes well, I’ll still have my diploma in hand before my oldest. But it would be cool to have a combined college graduation party for Dad and son.



It’s a good day to be a bear.


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