Proud Parent Moment

So VERY proud of our 13-year-old son Aiden! Got a call from the Principal at the Middle School the other day to let us know that Aiden has been selected as Rockland’s 2014 ambassador to Project 351. What’s Project 351? More on that below…

Aiden’s a great student and a strong citizen of his school and the community. He’s always willing to lend a hand – be it to a new student who’s struggling to find where he or she fits in, or to a neighbor, or even a stranger getting something off the shelves at a store (gotta use that height!).

We couldn’t be any prouder of him. He deserves the recognition and I am sure he’ll be a tremendous ambassador for Rockland and will make the town as proud of him as we are.

The information below is taken from the website. Click the image below to visit the site.

What is Project 351?

Project 351 was convened as a one-day event by Governor Deval Patrick for his 2011 Inauguration. More than 400 eighth graders representing every city and town in the Commonwealth united to serve, develop leadership skills, and discuss issues critical to young people and their communities. By day’s end, the Ambassadors had impacted the lives of more than 8,000 citizens, gained confidence and capabilities, forged friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds, and committed to build the ethic of service in their communities. The day’s success and unique focus on statewide unity compelled the formation of Project 351 as an independent non-profit. (Project 351 does not receive state or federal funds.)

Project 351 celebrates the ethic of service, youth leadership, and the diversity of our Commonwealth. Its vision and mission is made possible by strong partnerships with educators, non-profit organizations, civic leaders, and the investment and active engagement of corporate citizens and foundations.

What is an Ambassador?

A Project 351 Ambassador is an 8th grade student selected by his or her school for their exemplary ethic of service and demonstration of Project 351 values of humility, compassion, kindness, and generosity of spirit. The selection of quiet leaders and unsung heroes is encouraged. One Ambassador is selected for each town in Massachusetts; larger cities may receive multiple nominations due to population size.


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