Thought it Was a Goner

I had not been blogging. It had been a long time since I posted, and even longer since I posted regularly. I had pretty much forgotten about my site.

I hadn’t taken notice of the fact that it was broken. It looks like maybe it was hacked. Not sure. I tried to reinstall WordPress and secure my site. Nothing seemed to be working. I decided to nuke it all and then restart.

So, I had given up hope and even posted a couple of seed posts for the new blog. As it turns out it wasn’t required. I was finally able to get my existing database to connect.

Maybe… but probably not… I’ll be more active once more.

I took the opportunity to update the look and feel of the site while I was in working on it. The only bad part is the older posts don’t have an icon image for the main page. I can’t imagine too many people are paging through my homepage… but if you are. I apologize for all the “No Image” icons.


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