The Boys of (Almost) Summer

I love baseball, and I love shooting baseball. While I only had a couple of innings that I could stay and shoot before heading over to play in my Monday night mens’ basketball league I was excited to capture some action from my son’s Junior American Legion game this week.

Jr. Legion 06022014 2014-06-02 053Coach Dolan has everybody’s attention

 Jr. Legion 06022014 2014-06-02 094Kevin Donnellan heads for home with what would be the only run Rockland Post 147 needed.

Jr. Legion 06022014 2014-06-02 104Mark Ewell is pleased with his RBI single.

Jr. Legion 06022014 2014-06-02 001Josh Ruffin stuck out 14 while he went the distance shutting out Pembroke for the 2-0 win.

Next game Thursday, June 5 – weather permitting.

Jr. Legion 06022014 2014-06-02 151 My son is slotted to be the first out of the ‘pen Thursday if needed.


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