JM Force 12Us Season Opener

Play Ball!

Force 04072012 2012-04-07 098

My younger son’s 12 and under AAU baseball team kicked off their season on Saturday. They dropped both ends of the double header, but played well considering they were short handed. They will do well this year. I am sure of it.

Here my boy talks with Coach Dave Dickerson during the opposing team’s mound visit. I asked him after the game what they were talking about and he said he asked coach if he should take the first pitch as the pitcher was having control issues. Coach told him to swing away if he liked it. As you’ll see, he did swing away, but wound up walking and later scoring. (More photos after the jump)

Force 04072012 2012-04-07 104

He fouled it off.

Force 04072012 2012-04-07 126

But worked the walk. Coach Jimmy Dolan gives him the attaboy.

Force 04072012 2012-04-07 141

And he came around to score after a double steal and a ground out.

It was great to be out shooting baseball. I LOVE shooting baseball.


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