New Ride (5/365)

 Project 365 // Day 5

5-365 09052011

2011 Toyota Sienna LE

A long day of car shopping led to this photo. We decided a few weeks ago that our Ford Explorer needed replacing. The kids were outgrowing it and the list of nagging issues with it kept getting longer.

We were looking at a couple of crossovers and a couple of minivans. In the end, the practicality of the minivans was too much to ignore.  While there’s little sex appeal to the minivan it is a pretty slick ride and I don’t doubt we’ll enjoy owing it.

Some of the nice creature comforts available as standard features in today’s new cars are very nice! Streaming audio from my iPhone over the audio system is terrific! I remember the days of using the cassette player adapter to play my portable CD player through a car stereo. Hell, I remember the days of push button AM only!


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