Here We Go Again (0/365)

OK, I’m doing it!

I have decided I will take another crack at shooting/posting a new photo every day. Heck, I did it for over 1,000 days before – surely I can do it again for a week… a month… a year… more?

Tomorrow is September 1. I will begin and with a little luck next August 31 I’ll have a years worth of photos!

In a bit of happy coincidence, September 1 is the start date for my friend Bryan. He’ll be starting his FIFTH year straight of 365ing in Austin. Check out his site.

Although I won’t start officially until tomorrow, here is today’s photo. It was back to school day today.

0/365 08312011


0 thoughts on “Here We Go Again (0/365)

  1. Glad to see your starting again. Can’t wait to see this years pics. Is there a chance Mr. Scale will be returning and the sock notes? Maybe Mr. Scale can hide in some pics and we can all do a “Where’s Mr. Scale?”


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