The Project Is Dead, Long Live The Project

Not Project 365 // Day Nothing, Year Null

My Project 365 is Dead. For Now.

Forgive the stream of consciousness type post. I need to write this and I have been so badly neglecting my blog I can’t risk taking the time to carefully craft this post as I would probably never get around to posting it.


The days and weeks leading up to February 2, 2008 were filled with questions.

Should I really start a daily photography project called Project 365? How long will I stick with it? Do I really have the creativity to find something interesting to shoot each day? Am I crazy?

I had seen a few sites (most notably Bryan’s) that had folks shooting and posting a new photo every day that was taken that day. It seemed like a great idea. A way to not only create daily content for my blog, but to create a record of the year, a way to challenge myself to be creative, a way to get better behind the camera.

By no means did I fancy myself a photographer. In fact I would cringe any time “photographer” or “photography” was used in discussions about what I was about to set off on. Those were words that implied a level of skill or vision that I didn’t believe I possessed.

I was just a guy with a camera, trying something new. What I discovered was that I was indeed a photographer, and I was able to create photographs, not just snap shots, pictures. It’s a fine line, and one that I feel a bit pretentious drawing sometimes, but I am proud to say that I have a talent and I am proud that I have been able to grow and share my growth.

I plugged away on my Project 365 for over a thousand days. Blowing past the first year and then the second year. Steaming towards the finish line of year three when I took a full time 9-5.  When I started the project I was working part time in the evenings and at home with my kids during the daylight hours.

I wasn’t totally crazy about working evenings (I missed little league games, softball games, basketball games, school concerts, dinner with the family, this, that and the other thing too…) but it afforded me the time to be with my kids a fair amount in a way that many people aren’t lucky enough to experience (especially during school vacations).

It also afforded me the flexibility to shoot. A lot. It afforded me the flexibility to grow as a photographer.

I found it increasingly tough to keep up with my shooting when I started my new gig in January.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my new job, I LOVE working days. But it really did kill off my 365 chances. For now.

I will still post photos. Frequently. Not one for each day, but I will keep at it. I may even rev up a 365 again in the near(ish) future. But until that day comes, I hope you enjoy what I do post. I thank everybody who has visited, commented or otherwise supported me in my journey.

Stay tuned…..

0 thoughts on “The Project Is Dead, Long Live The Project

  1. I am proud that you completed the first year. I don’t think I made it past about 45 days. You really have grown as a photographer, too. I have enjoyed watching.


  2. Dude:

    You were my first and main inspiration for my venture into a 365 Project and I appreciate the words, encouragement and comments you afford my efforts. You were even one of my subjects, something few would be willing to let me get away with.

    I will continue to look forward to your ideas and finds and work. Without you, I’m uncertain I would ever have give it a shot.

    In appreciation ………… Michael / Ruprecht


  3. *sniffs*

    I’m the person at the wake who can’t collect her thoughts at all, much less say anything appropriate, or poignant. I just sit and stare blankly at walls, averting my gaze from mourning faces while I weep and sniff and wipe my nose and wish for more beer.

    That’s who I am.

    It’s not often you get to witness the birth and death of something (except for pets, and sometimes blogs, also meals count sometimes I guess… oh, and beer too!) is it? To that, I know I’ve been extraordinarily lucky.


    Got anymore beer?


  4. I am so glad that I have been able to watch you grow as a photographer over the last year and a little of year 2. You have inspired me, made me laugh and helped me along the way. Thank you. I wish you the best of luck in the new job and look forward to seeing your posts as they come along.


  5. I echo the others who have said that there is a season to all things. What an incredible experience this has been for you–and us! But I understand that not all things last forever. Don’t hold regret about your decision for one moment. Though the last three years has been a fantastic journey, your life is pressing forward into even greater adventures. May you look back on these years fondly, wistfully but never with sorrowful longing. The time may come again yet to take daily photos, but for now it seems that you are a new path. Many blessings to you and your family! I look forward to keeping up with your posts, whatever they may be. 🙂


  6. I really enjoy your blog and can’t wait to see your photos as you post them. I look forward to checking out the new stuff even if it’s no longer daily.


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