“The Ron” & Morons (228/365 year 3)

Project 365 // Day 228, year 3

228/365 year 3 (alt)

There was a Denny’s across the parking lot from the hotel we were staying at while in Spokane. We went over for a snack (I had buffalo chicken taco thingies, my wife had fries with ranch dressing) and when our waiter came to take our order I noticed his name tag read “The Ron”.

He was a character and I made a crack about being honored that “The Ron” was serving us and that perhaps we could get an autograph.

Sure enough, he signed an order ticket for us. Chills I tell you, chills.

Also, in that same parking lot, there was the sign for the Denny’s and the Hotel. It had a marquee. They were using the Marquee to cheer on the Eastern Washington University football team. Only, I don’t think the letterer was a graduate…

228/365 year 3

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