History Is Made

Saturday was the 9th of the month. On the ninth of every months since I started posting a daily photo back in February 2008 I take and post a self portrait.

Not this month.

23 months running and now.



I was too wiped out, and my original plan for my self portrait setting was snowed in (or so I thought) so rather than mail it in (like the other night), I decided to pass.

I did shoot Saturday and I will post a photo from that day. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

While I am at it posting a non-photo post (albeit about photos), let me continue rambling on a more photo/project 365 topics.

Quick, inexact stats for 2009.

I took approximately 12500 photos in 2009.

Of those just shy of 1400 made it to Flickr

The slightly higher than 10:1 ratio make sense to me. If I go out to shoot I am usually pretty happy if one out of every ten shots is worth sharing, so to have that be the case on all shots throughout the year is dead on.


The State of Project 365

A couple people have asked me recently if I plan to keep on past the end of the current year I am on. The answer is a solid, unequivocal “Yes!”

When I started back in February of 2008 I had no idea that there was a photographer hidden inside of me. I even bristled at the term as it implies a level of skill or accomplishment that I didn’t have.

This journey has been a gift since day one. I have discovered a hobby, a passion, a way to make a few bucks, a form of expression, and many great people.

I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Oh, and on a final note. My man Rupe just wrapped up his 365 and has a great post about what it all meant to him. Go check it out, he does a great job.


0 thoughts on “History Is Made

  1. I say don’t beat yourself up — you did a selfie 2 days early, that’s all! That still qualifies as once a month, for the past 23 months! I think that’s pretty amazing. (Especially since the idea of posting my own self-portrait renders me queasy…) No apologies, no regrets, no rules!
    .-= christine´s last blog ..The Hansons’ Little Sister, part 2 =-.


  2. blushes, bats eyelashes and curtsies

    If it wasn’t for a few choice words, the encouragement and the inspiration of Sr. Pat, I mightn’t’ve made it all the way to #365.

    Thanks for all, as well as the shout out.

    Here’s to more …..



  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Christine. You’ve actually learnt a very important lesson as a photographer – you’d rather post nothing at all than something you are not happy with. I’ve always loved your ‘you shoot, you post, you move on – some days are just like that’ philosphy. It has helped me through the days where I think I’ve got nothing to show and no talent to share. As far as I’m concerned, your shot 2 days ago is your Jan portrait shot! And as for stats? I consider it a good day if I get ONE good shot at all! 🙂
    .-= Milkayphoto´s last blog ..Do you hear what I hear? =-.


  4. I just found you by doing a search on, of all things, Project365 – you are like #3 on Google for that search term. I purchased a D90 last summer and love it, so I began the project on January 1 (my photos are being posted to my Flickr account; they have more storage LOL). I can’t believe you’ve done this for two years now! And from what I’ve seen of your work, it is quite good, and that is what I hope to bring out of this.

    I’ll be back.


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