Well, I Guess This Beats A Podcast About It

I decided a while back that I wanted to do a video debriefing at the end of my Project 365. I wasn’t sure that a video of me taking about photography would work, but I hadn’t done a video in quite a while and for whatever reason they always seemed well received. I think it may be that my videos make people feel better about themselves… “Well, I may be screwed up, but at least I’m not him!

As I started thinking more about doing a video I feared that keeping a summation of findings from running too long was going to be a challenge. I really wanted to get in and out under 10 minutes. Well, really I wanted way less than that but knew that 5 minutes was just plain impossible.

In an effort to not drone on and on and one about my thoughts about my experiences doing Project 365 I thought I’d open the floor to questions.

And the video presented here is me trying, in vain, to answer as many questions as I could as quickly as I could all the while sounding somewhat coherant.

Without further ado… (I gotta warn you – it’s 11 minutes long)


Thanks to all those who sent in questions, whether I was able to fit them in or not. I appreciate it. I am sorry I didn’t get to all of the questions (and had to edit others out). If I was unable to answer your question and you really need or want an answer, let me know and I will email you a response.


0 thoughts on “Well, I Guess This Beats A Podcast About It

  1. First off I have the most adorable cousin ever. Secondly, you’re pictures have all rocked and I’m looking forward to seeing the ones from 2.0. =)


  2. I’ve been stalking – er, I mean admiring – your site for a few months now and have to say you’ve inspired me to try this project for myself. I even talked my sister into trying this 365 project, too. Thank you for all you’ve shared with us during the past year. Your daughter is precious! Oh, and I’d love a MOO card.

    Lisas last blog post..Market Day. 35/365


  3. Your videos tend to be boring (so I refuse to watch them), and I’m not sure if you covered this or not, but…

    Jin is alive, baybee! I knew it!


  4. I’m sorry… were you saying something on this video? I was too busy being captivated by your adorable daughter and didn’t notice.

    btw… don’t know if I heard my answer, but then my question was probably none of my business anyway.

    Jeffs last blog post..Only in Minnesota


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