0 thoughts on “Best Friends (347/365)

  1. In 4th grade they took our annual school pictures right after lunch one day. Uunbeknownst to me, my picture ended up featuring Fluff residue just above my lip.

    Yeah, Mom wasn’t pleased…

    Rick Astleys last blog post..Jim Ed


  2. I LOVE Fluffanutters!!!! In fact, 2 out of 3 of my kids do too. Paige has introduced them to our small neck of the woods in NC. Really baffled some of these Southern women who got requests to make them after Paige shared her sandwiches at school. I was wondering what to have for lunch today—Thanks!


  3. I’ve heard of Fluffanutters before, but never ate one. Marshmallow and peanut just don’t even sound good together…but, next time I go to the store I’ll buy some Fluff and try it out. 😀

    Jareds last blog post..Say Cheese!


  4. okay, i know that i *like* peanut butter. and i love marshmallow cream a lot. but i can’t figure out how they go together? on a graham cracker? with a spoon?

    breannas last blog post..12


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