What Rock Was I Living Under? Dunno, But Meet Mo Willems.

Do you have little kids? Do you have little kids on your Holiday shopping list?

If you do, you need to know about Mo Willems. I didn’t, but now I do – and I am a better person for it.

Mo has a number of books out, mostly geared to the 2-6 set, some for slightly older kids. I have only gotten my hands on a couple in the Pigeon series so far, but they are PRICELESS.

The kids will love the books and they are super fun to read as you can really get into it and go over the top getting into the Pigeon character and giving the book a all out dramatic reading!

Mo used to write for Sesame Street, and is currently a contributor to NPR as a “radio cartoonist”. Yes, he’s that good, a radio cartoonist.

Check out this vid where Mo talks about drawing, writing and just being Mo.

Then run out and get some Mo goodness for under the tree.  I have nothing to gain from this ‘plug’ just sharing goodness I have ‘found’


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