Hey, You! Vote For Me! Please!

Err, you might have noticed that I have developed a small interest in photography.  I didn’t know it would consume me as much as it has when I started my Project 365 back in February, but it has. I have really come to enjoy it.  I also think I have gotten pretty good at it sometimes.  Some of my shots are pretty darn good.  If you agree with that sentiment then I ask you do show your concurrence with your mouse.  Here’s the scoop.

Boston.com started a new amateur photography community, called RAW, this past summer.  I have fully enjoyed it.  One of the things they have done is run a monthly contest based on a theme each month.  The theme for October was “Get Close”.  I submitted a photo and it has made the cut and is now one of 50 finalists.  The rest is up to you!

Head on over to the contest voting page at RAW and find my submission.  Where it will appear on the voting machine is randomized I think, so you may have to scroll down to find it.  If you think it is worthy of a vote, drag it to one of the voting boxes at the top of the voting machine (again, if you deem it worthy).  Pick two other deserving photos to complete the ballot and then click the “cast vote” button at the bottom of the voting machine.

Brink Pink (257/365)

Here’s the official rules/how to from Boston.com…

Ready to vote? Remember our only rule: DON’T STUFF THE BALLOT BOX. Let the real winners emerge from a consensus of the people.
> Cursor over each photo to get a medium version; click on it for a large image.
> Click the X in the upper right corner to reduce it again.
> To vote, click and drag a photo into a box at the top.
> If you change your mind, click the X in the corner and it will disappear, or just drag another photo on top of it.
> Click the “Cast vote” button under the photos
We’ll close voting in 7 days: Midnight Tuesday the 18th, and announce the winners by Thursday the 20th.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your support.  Oh, and if you could find it in your heart to tell a friend or two about this post I’d be most grateful.  I am not trying to stuff the ballot box, but hell, I’m not gonna site by idly and just hope I win.



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Thanks again!

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