0 thoughts on ““W8 Loss Wednesday” Episode 12

  1. Ha Ha! Completely duped, I was searching the desk and computer stand while playing your video, wondering whose cell phone was trying to contact the Mother Ship…

    Rick Astley’s last blog post..Deluge


  2. I had a dog barking and a child talking in my last video. 🙂 Good job. Don’t worry about it ’cause I think you look good on camera already.


  3. Change the name to “M8enance Wednesday” and you’ll be all set. OK, it doesn’t work perfectly (it misses the first “n” in maiNtenance) but it is close enough for the interwebs, IMHO.

    Wow, 12 years! WTG!!


  4. thanks for the ryan adams there.

    i was also struck by the candy shirt. pretty awesome.

    and hey, what can you tell me about basia bulat? i really dug that clip. and along those lines, have you heard kaki king yet? if not, check her out.

    bryan’s last blog post..birds on barton creek…


  5. I have just recently become aware of Baisa Bulat.

    She has an album that JUST came out I think. Check out the site for the NPR program called World Cafe… http://worldcafe.npr.org Check back to this week’s shows, she was in studio doing a few cuts and they have the session on the site.


  6. Haha – I was looking at my phone going “well? ring dammit I know you want to!”

    Hey, if anything, having to post something week after week will keep you from slipping too badly.

    BusyDad’s last blog post..Carnage > V.D.


  7. First time visitor here. I don’t know if you were trying to be funny or not but this video made me laugh regardless. and… that’s all i got. yeah, that’s it.


  8. I have not a clue how I got here..except for the Rockvegas thing, but man I am laughing at how to “pick up bikes in the yard”. I am doing the WW thing too! Down 30 lbs so far.


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